June’s Bridle Trainer

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.




We know there have been steel Bosals on the market for years. But nothing compares to the June Holeman Trainer, the convenience it offers to the best of the best trainers, down to our everyday riders. We are offering top-notch quality to help put the handle on your equine partner you have been dreaming about having. The June Holeman Trainer has a unique design that allows quick adjustments for each horse’s and ponies specific size, it also has two spots to connect your reins. We have the normal bosal hook up and each side has hookups to give you the ultimate side pull. As seen in the videos the side pulls work excellent for driving young colts. Not every horse’s head is the same size, width, or build. With the June Holeman Trainer, we are giving you the opportunity to adjust the equipment easily and quickly, so you can go on with your everyday training. We also will have smaller headsets for younger horses so if you ride, or own a horse this should be in every person’s trailer. A go-to tool, for tune-ups, softness, correction, or freshening up an old horse or starting a colt.

The June Holeman trainer was made by my Uncle Donny Holeman 30 years ago; June utilized the trainer for the last 30 years, to take her horses to the next level.
June was the oldest qualifier to ever make the NFR in 2005 at the age of 62. She also qualified for the very first American Rodeo in 2014.

*Typically Arrives in 3 Days*
*Patent Pending*