Product Information

Product Information

The Electric Fence Reel, created by Vogeler MFG, is the most efficient electric fence management system on the market. As a farmer or rancher, you know how valuable the tools are that make your job easier. Saving time and money is essential for maximum productivity. That’s why having a fence reel that works quickly, and is easy to use and store, will benefit you greatly.

Imagine a fence reel that can reel a half-mile of wire in under seven minutes. It sounds too good to be true. However, the Electric Fence Reel can do just that. Our high-capacity steel pool reel is easy to assemble — taking you less than 10 minutes to attach to your four-wheeler, side-by-side, or pickup. Gone are the days of using a heavy and cumbersome, tractor-mounted fence reel. The Electric Fence Reel is lightweight, powered by your own hand drill, and comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty. Our product is made in the USA and designed specifically with farmers and ranchers in mind.

Whether you raise goats or sheep and are accustomed to frequently moving your fencing, or you’ve been looking into new cattle-grazing strategies that would include moving them more regularly, the Electric Fence Reel is the solution to quickly restructuring your pastures. At Vogeler MFG, we believe in working smarter. Order the Electric Fence Reel wire winder today and experience for yourself the amazing benefits of this electric fence management system. Browse our shop to buy your fence reel, and be sure to contact us with any questions!



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